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Swing Out! The Big Band Show

Hunter Fuerste and his American Vintage Orchestra presents an authentic recreation of the big band era, the music of 1935 to 1945, in "Swing Out! The Big Band Show". The show features recreations of the original hits of Glenn Miller, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Count Basie and many others. In addition to a fourteen piece big band, the two hour program features singers, dancers, and a special tight harmony vocal group, The Penthouse Serenaders.

The show has played to sold out audiences for the last seven years in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin as well as playing dances in ballrooms and gala celebrations. We were honored to be featured at the Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda, Iowa in 2003 and 2005 as well as playing for the Grand Excusion in Dubuque in 2004.

Fuerste, an accomplished arranger and trombonist, got his first taste of big band music by working full time with Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians in 1976-1977. He has spent over two years arranging the music for the show by painstakingly transcribing each arrangement from the original seventy-eight records in an effort to get the voicings as accurate as possible. He next rehearsed the musicians at length copying the styles of the original bands and their hits. The band jackets were made in Hollywood as authentic recreations of what was worn at the time. The RCA 44 microphone, the microphone of the era, is not just a prop but is used to deliver the warm, smooth sound of the day. Hunter himself is featured on the high, soaring trombone solos that Tommy Dorsey made popular.

The show has played to standing ovations and been enjoyed both by those who have lived through the big band era and those who are experiencing this great music for the first time.